Executive policy

Job at risk if you can't drive? DriverPlan motoring continuity insurance is for you.

  • Benefit for loss of licence or disqualification
    For speeding or totting-up of points
    maximum per month
  • Benefit for loss of car use
    Car stolen or off the road through accident
    *after the first 3 days and for up to 25 days
    car hire per day*
  • Benefit for incapacity through injury
    Whether sporting, accident or household
    maximum per month
  • Emergency fund
    In case you need to complete your journey
  • Free legal helpline
    total per annum


Maximum annual benefit in any one year
to use on alternative transport

Premium is just £25.43 per month by Direct Debit, or £280.00 a year, including Insurance Premium Tax. Full policy wording. Apply online.